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From the desk of the owner

Dear Customer,

We at Dinar Depot have been actively involved with the Iraqi Dinar for the past six years. We reached a point where we decided to trade the Iraqi Dinar for many reasons.
We believe in the future of Iraq and its people who have greatly suffered by a war torn nation, yet hopefully can now see a bright new hope for their future.

When our customers invest in the Dinar, they are not only investing in their future, but the future of Iraq. Our desire was to be a company a cut above the rest, one that's not driven by greed and low customer service. We don't view our customers as a number, but real people, with real lives at times filled with troubles and trials who need a company with integrity and honesty to be there as a support. This is one of the many reasons we have decided not to take Dinar on lay away. It has caused a great deal of pain for so many. Things are difficult enough with our economy, we want our customers to gain, not lose.

Finally, our promise. We promise to be there to the best of our ability for every one of our customers with loyalty and integrity. If there’s any increase in the Iraqi Dinar we promise to help steer our customers down the right financial road, although we at Dinar Depot cannot give financial advice on Taxes, investments or any other financial decision for our customers, we can offer tools to help you on your journey to a successful life. Once again, I want to thank you personally for your trust and loyalty. We pray we never let you down.

Thank You,

Steve and The Dinar Depot Team


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