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        Investing In Iraq...Investing In the Future...


Dinar Depot has been in business for three years. We have been a company    

whose integrity and honesty is second to none. Our customers have been 

more than customers. They are our friends. When you purchase your dinar with us, you join the family and experience

a level of old fashioned business.                                                              


     IQD 25k $1,060.00 Per Million                                        IQD 10k $1,075.00 Per Million                                 VND $80.00 Per Million



     ZWD 100 TRILLION DOLLARS                            IDR  RUPIAH  1 MILLION

              $90.00 Per Note                                                $140.00 Per Million






Disclaimer:  The information above is for informative purposes only and is not to be misconstrued in any way that Dinar Depot is suggesting that there will be any increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar and should not be taken as any financial advice. Please do your own research. As with any investment there is always a financial risk.




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The US Treasury


Disclaimer: Dinar Depot is not responable for market fluctuations and your dinars may lost value. If you're wanting to resell your currency please note that buy and sell rates are volatile and Dinar Depot's buy back program buys back currency at the market rate.


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